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Getting the job you want

Pinpoint a new direction

. You should produce a list of career options you think you'd really relish, not just the ones you think you could do. Don't limit your considerations at this point. If you really want to be an express train driver, or start your own magic business, add them to the list. Then investigate how others morphed into these careers.

Consider what you're good at

Forget about your qualifications - are you an ideas individual? Do you have the gift of patience? Are you decent at extrapolating problems? Most of us don't consider ourselves as particularly 'talented' - but have a closer introspection and you may discover something to guide you towards the type of jobs you'll most enjoy, then consider the skills you have picked up. Is there crossover between them? If so, use these lists to aide identification of the types of jobs and industries you are most suited to.

Do your homework

Many careers could sound exhilarating when you only know a little about them, so make certain you know what's boring and terrible about a job, plus what's amazing - only then could you determine if it's the right decision for you.

Trial and error

Research what the job entails, what training you may need and talk to individuals doing that job. If you're unsure, try it out part-time, or shadow someone already in the role.

Create your own personal-marketing pack.

Outlaying a little bit extra on decent quality materials could really make your application pop. Customise your CV

Place yourself in the shoes of each recruiter and be certain you've emphasised the bits they'll be most interested in. Your CV needs to stand out amongst many, all of which are striving to be the one that strikes a chord with its reader, so before you submit it, ensure it has been thoroughly polished.