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You got fired?

It's rather quite difficult to get sacked in the UK - or at least so many commentators would have you believe. Employers are tied up in knots of red tape whilst employees have the upper hand. The thought that "produce it easier to sack individuals (more)

You're fired! Surviving getting the sack

Getting fired from your job could be a major blow and a hard one to overcome. Once the first shock has worn off, here's how to deal with being sacked.

Have you been unfairly dismissed? Firstly, ask yourself if you've been fired legally. Unfair dismissal includes: Being sacked for union membersh... (more)

Getting the job you want

Pinpoint a new direction

. You should produce a list of career options you think you'd really relish, not just the ones you think you could do. Don't limit your considerations at this point. If you really want to be an express train driver, or start your own magic business, add them to the list. Then investigate how others morphed... (more)

Performing Well At Interview

Research has shown that the determination to employee May be ready-made successful recruiters' minds inside the archetypal moments of group meeting the candidate. sol your ceremony is vital. It's of import to be appareled suitably for the kind of... (more)

What Jobs Can I Do?

Many people simply don't know what career path they want to follow. If this is you, don't panic. Just ask yourself some simple questions, and you can make the job hunt a whole lot clearer. And whether you're looking for your first... (more)

Work experience - rewarding and valuable

Doing unpaid work experience, or volunteering, can bring great rewards. Work experience provides the opportunity to pick up new skills and improve those you already have. At the same time as helping others, you will also be helping yourself build a... (more)

Using the internet to help find a job

The vast majority of jobseekers use the internet as a major part of their job search now, as there are many ways it can take the hassle out of sorting through and applying for job vacancies. If you know where to look, there are some clever ways to... (more)