Thanks For The Definition, Can You Clarify Something For Me? Does TFP Or TFCD Mean The Photographer Gives The Model “EVERY Photo” That is Taken Or Just The Edited/ Touched up Copies. I Guess What I’m Asking is Does The Photographer Have To Turn Over The Raw Images Before He/she Edits them Or Does He/She Gets To Edit Them First?

Hi Matt! I have never heard the term TFI, but I very well may start using it! I have found that more and more, photographers prefer to provide images digitally (as opposed to physical prints or a CD), so this is definitely a relevant term/acronym. Thanks for your contribution on this ๐Ÿ™‚

I myself use the term TFI or Time for Images.

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In exchange for the photos, the model provides his or her time. This arrangement works very well for photographers who are interested in trying new lighting techniques, equipment or want to build their books, and for models who need photos for their books but are unable to afford the usual photography rates.

In the modeling industry you will surely hear these acronyms come up in conversation; freely thrown around amongst models, photographers, makeup artists, and modeling agencies. It is important to understand what these acronyms stand for, as well as the concept of what they are and what they entail.

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Sooo, to put a cap on this rant, please be professional and always follow through with your TFP commitments. Promptly get your models their photos and sell a photographer when they do a great job for you. Remember, you model to support yourself, we photograph to support ourselves and our families, and to pay for the studio and equipment used to make you beautiful. If we go broke doing free portfolio work, we can’t hire you.

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A new variant of this arrangement is TFCD or "Time for CD" or "Trade for CD". With TFCD, the selection of images is provided on a CD in lieu of prints. This has become a much more popular method since it provides both the model and the photographer the ease and convenience of digital distribution of high quality and high resolution images for online modeling portfolios, email comp cards, etc.

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I just want to add to the comment about Rick.. Is great to know that there is people out there who defenetly care about their health and well being!!! Congrats Rick!.

The TFCD concept is a slippery slope to engage in, but certainly without merit. I occasionally work with models and stylist to network and test new people and challenge my skills with less known talent. I’ve done great work with represented talent recommended by their agency.

TFCD signifies that the photographer will provide the model with a CD containing the images from their photoshoot, in exchange for her modeling services.

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These terms signify that the model and photographer (or makeup artist, stylist, etc.) are in full agreement that the work and services they are providing is a trade amongst themselves; neither party will receive a payment, nor will they make a payment. Their โ€œcurrencyโ€ is the service they are providing, not money.

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In addition to being a way for models and photographers to obtain prints for their books, working TFP is a great way for new models to get valuable practice and to network with numerous photographers who may ultimately hire the model for paying jobs. It also a great way for photographers to meet and work with new models and get the "bugs out" before working together on a paying job.

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Where can i get a good Model release form to print out for Models to sign…?

Thank you for the definitions .,, Is great to keep our selfs inform.. I’m a make up artist & hair designer in California..

TFP describes an arrangement between a model and photographer, whereby the photographer agrees to shoot an agreed number of photographs of the model and provide the model with a limited license to use the best photos chosen from the shoot.

Depending on your agreement and the laws in your particular jurisdiction, the model or the photographer may want to limit the usage of photos from the shoot. The agreement may specify that the model can only use specifically agreed upon photos in her online portfolio (to avoid sub-standard pictures being used and damaging the photographer's reputation) or perhaps that the photographer will only use certain images in printed publications and not on the internet.

Love it!!! Could not agree more. This is a great post. And I love that it is coming from a perspective other than a models. Would love to repost this with your permission. Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo Sarah McDowd Owner,

TFP is an acronym for "Time for Prints" and is a common term used by models and photographers. It can also mean "trade for prints" or "test for prints".

A photographer should NEVER push a model past what she has agreed to do, and a model should never feel pressured to go to a level that she is uncomfortable with. If you find that you are being asked to do things that make you uncomfortable, stop what you are doing, regroup, tell the photographer how you are feeling, and if they still push you, you must leave the set. If you are represented by a modeling agent you should contact your agent immediately.

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Couldn’t agree more Martha! That’s great that you are a MUA/Hair stylist. Where in California do you work? xoxo

Yes, and the model doesn't cost 100$ hr, instead just gets a few of the prints.

Essentially the terms TFP and TFCD both represent a trade.

The type of modeling that the model is willing to do should be clearly understood before the shoot starts. Such as, will the model be fully clothed or will there be a degree of nudity. The model must make it clear before hand what he or she is willing to do and the photographer must make it clear what he or she expects from the model as well.

I have also been involved with agencies that will happily send their models to TFP shoots to build their books – but do little to recommend photographers for paid “test” shoots – unless there is a commission involved. has hundreds of success stories and welcomes models of all ages, sizes and heights.


TFP signifies that the photographer will provide the model with prints of the photos they take, in exchange for her modeling services. These prints may either be physical (for example, 8×10 glossy prints to add to your portfolio), or digital (photos sent to you via email). It is important to clarify with the photographer beforehand

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