Ahh, nice tip! Thanks for you time Bex and we wish you lots of luck!

Wow, that’s a lot of travelling and a lot of snowboarding! What is a good little travelling tip you could share with the NZ Snow Tours fans?The secret is to have an audiobook on your ipod!

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Who is Rebecca Sinclair and what has she got to do with NZ Snow Tours?!

Here at NZ Snow Tours, we’re going to follow Bex on her Olympic quest and keep you updated on how she is going, as well as some of the other New Zealand and Australian ski and snowboard teams. If you are on our ‘Wanaka Adventure’ or ‘South Island Safari’, you might even get to run into her training up at Cardrona during the winter. I put my interview skills to the test and here’s what Bex had to say…

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She has a dog named Polly.She did tap dancing for 5 years.She plays the ukulele.She studies part-time at Massey University.She can squat 110kgs!!!! Which is Ridiculous.

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You summed that up pretty nicely Bex and I totally agree. Where to next then?I am about to head off to the northern hemisphere for their winter. I will be based in Colorado, USA and will be travelling to competitions in Canada, Europe and other areas in the USA. It is going to be intense over the next 5 months as qualifying for the 2014 Winter Olympics has started.

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Well that is a snap shot of Bex Sinclair, you can look forward to her updates throughout the season. Meanwhile I will leave you with some BEX facts and I will get back to the salsa for the tacos!

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So Bex, you are based in Wanaka when you are home in New Zealand. Wanaka is a pretty amazing spot to be based. What are your favourite things about it?I still get my breath taken away when I drive over that hill into Wanaka after a long trip overseas. Everywhere you look is an amazing view and I just feel at peace here. I like going for walks with my dog and taking in the fresh air and admiring how we don’t have massive sky high buildings and dirty streets like most of the cities.

Also convenient is my knowledge that all athletes seem to always be hungry. The question of a short interview had her frown, but as soon as “tacos” were mentioned, she was in!

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