30/09/16: Retailer George Davies: 'Promote more women to top #fashion jobs' - BBC News  

Christmas seems to arrive earlier each year, and it's easy to see why when the festive displays start appearing in shop windows in November. Such...

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‘blue-arsed fly. n: small, flexible organism capable of amazing speed in all conditions, constantly on the move around the clock; efficient & successful; major assets include speed, adaptability, structure, size, metamorphosis and specialised systems of reproduction’

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Celebrating its partnership with Art Basel, private aviation company NetJets unveiled a collaboration with design studio Timorous Beasties...

30/09/16: Japan's luxury sector boosted by Chinese tourists - Financial Times  

BAF is an acronym for ‘blue-arsed fly’ but it’s only when you delve a little deeper, does it all make sense.

We are often asked “what does ‘BAF’ actually stand for?”

So there we have it, never has the past been more relevant.

30/09/16: The changing face of the #retail #industry - Retail Gazette (blog)  

Well let’s take a trip down memory lane - When BAF Graphics was established over 30 years ago, a name was chosen that captured the very essence of what the company was about and how it would operate. Ironically 30 years on, it is still relevant today.

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