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any do's and dont's? like for example do you have to ask the star before you snap a picture of her?

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Yeah, I'm sort of surprised at the lack of responses on this one. Maybe people don't want to admit to being there on TripAdvisor? I'm not sure. I've never been, so I'm of no help - If I'm in Vegas in January it's for CES, which I believe is usually the previous week.

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Going for the first time and I'm super excited! Any tips from people that have gone before?

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I stayed at the HR last year on the Sat night of the awards, but didn't go to the event. It was busy in the hotel, and restaurants, lots of guys hanging around as the event ended taking pictures (I got back to the hotel that night about that same time) lots of skanky girls that look much better on video or in print than in real life.

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Gone several times. The expo is fun and has many of the adult stars signing posters etc. the awards are WAY over the top with the stars dresses or lack of and video clips before all the awards. And you can just imagine what the awards are. Best such and such etc

Bought the Extreme VIP Pass for the Expo and still trying to decide on a VIP Table or Golden Ticket for the Awards Show.

I walked the hall when it was still the same time as CES.... 1995 or 1996 I guess.....not as outrageous as I was expecting. Back then it was just a bunch of guys waiting in line for some of the "stars" to autograph their VHS cassettes.

will be going for the 1st time as well :3

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