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I thought it meant "Augmented Reality Game(s)". I guess they have the same meaning, so either or.

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I was going to say "Amphibious Ready Group", but I Navy too much. :U

Alternate Reality Games. Players seek out obscure or hidden clues to track down secret messages, find hidden prizes and solve riddles and codes. Think of things like the whysoserious campaign to raise hype for one of the new Batman movies a few years ago, or the I Love Bees mystery game that Bungee used to promote Halo, things like that. I think there are also game companies that run private ARGs for players, and ones that are open for anyone to get involved in.

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I think it has something to do with hidden clues or something, but I'm not sure.

Love the part about ARG (ARG) -- Extra Credits: Gamifying Education … #gamifyschools ARG Spices Up #professionaldevelopment : #gamebasedlearning #edtech #elearning article from UCF online faculty @watson74k & @anasalter "Teaching 20th Century Art Thru ARG" "ARG Spices Up Professional Development." Article in @Campus_Tech. Sounds fun! #onidar #AR ARG Spices Up #ProfDev … ARG Spices Up Professional Development: Saint Leo University uses a game-based st... #edchat

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The one for the Nine Inch Nails album, "Year Zero", was absolutely amazing.