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I live in East London. Do you have any more information, for instance, what does AJP stand for? If you do, you may be able to run a query on the Companies House web site:click hereThis will give you info if they are still trading and if they are and they are late submitting their statement of accounts, if they are late, I would be worried.Paul.

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I have tried many times to contact AJP in North London, for a part that I need. No replies to my emails, no part (paid for) has arrived. Have they gone tits-up or are they just incredibly inefficient or worse....?

Thanks. That's very kind of you.Unfortunately 0870 numbers don't work from abroad. I've found that in the past to my cost! I'll see if they have a website...

Yup. Done that about five times. No answer on any occasion. Are you in London? Have you heard anything?Thanks for the swift response anyway.

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Might sound a little quaint and old fashioned but have you tried phoning them?

Many thanks everyone. Once I mentioned in an email that this chat was going on, on the site of a company that has given them an award, suddenly, I heard from them. It's only taken two months of constant barracking. Strange, that, isn't it.....I'll let you know if it STILL doesn't happen!


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I'll take a look next time. In the meantime, you might try giving Partmaster Direct a ring. They specialise in providing spare parts for just about anything electrical or electronic, and I've found them to be a lifesaver in the past. Call them on 0870 9090444. If they have what you want you'll get it in two days.