Proper use in a sentence: I ADSed OP's mother last weekend at the company retreat.

No Challenge Complete, Scoreboard Screenshot, etc. posts. These become repetitive and can clutter the subreddit. You're not the only one who has Dark Matter and Hero Armor.

Have fun, be nice, and please adhere to Reddiquette.

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If you come across something that violates our rules, please report them. For additional details about what is and isn't covered in our rules, this listing might be of assistance

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No Answered Questions If the answer to your post can be found within the sub or a Google search it will be removed. If the user says he could not find something a mod will then use their own judgment

I'm new to call of duty and I've looked on google and wiki. Can't find out anything. Thanks =)

No Giveaways/Sales/Trades. This includes: requests for Merchandise, Credits, Codes, or Points.

No Live Streams, these are time sensitive and can clutter up a subreddit. Official Call of Duty/Treyarch Streams are allowed.

No Repetitive Topic Threads. please use the search function prior to submitting, and if you must rehash, bring something new to the conversation.

use the following search parameters to narrow your results:

No Self-Promotion of YouTube Channels. Posting content is allowed, the Mods will use their discretion as to what to remove and what to keep based on Reddit's Official Rules on Self-Promotion.

Censor usernames Content which shows a user in a negative light (for example, screenshots of a user trolling) must have all usernames censored in order to counter 'witch-hunting'.

If you type your title into Google it's the first result for me


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