Before closing this Post, let me share several other facts about ABA numbers that may be helpful.

(2)  “Deciphering Bank Routing Numbers: What Your Bank Account’s ABA Number Means,” by Erin O’Neil:

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(2)  Read Section A and B at the FDIC . These sections will provide a description about what the individual digits represent in an ABA number.

(1)  Type the following key words in your Internet browser:  “Images for bank routing number.”  Take a look at the check samples so you can see where these numbers are printed on a check.

The first question that may come to mind is, “What does ‘ABA’ stand for?”  It is the acronym for the American Bankers Association (  According to the FDIC, “Each bank is assigned a routing number by an agent of the American Bankers Association.” (1)  The American Bankers Association began assigning bank routing numbers in 1910. (2)


With literally thousands of banks worldwide, you can see why number allocations are much easier to manage than simply names.

If you want to read about what each of the individual digits stand for, check out this write up from on What is a bank routing number?

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There are times when it just makes sense to get directly to the point.  Today is such a day.  The term we are talking about today is important because it is a part of your money lifestyle every single time you write a check, make a deposit, send a wire, or set up your bills for online pay.  The term is “ABA number” or also known as “bank routing number.”

If you are not familiar with what an ABA number is, below is a simple definition:

Note: We have 250 other definitions for ABA in our Acronym Attic

●  Typically, you see this number on the bottom of a check or deposit slip.  It is the first set of numbers listed and consists of a nine-digit number.

(1)  FDIC:

●  The bank routing number is assigned to both federal and state chartered banks.

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